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Site diary

October 1, 2005: is launched.
October 7, 2005: Article in Inside Higher Ed. Review in Open Access News.
October 8, 2005: 79 questions posted, 67 responses, and over 39,000 hits and 8,300 visits from 70 countries.
October 10, 2005: Review in Leiter Reports.
October 20, 2005: Site receives its own (virtual) server and database, thereby enhancing stability, speed, and ability to weather heavy traffic.
October 29, 2005: Review in The Age, Australian national newspaper (edited in Melbourne, Australia).
October 31, 2005: This past month, the site received over 12,000 hits and 1,700 visits on average per day; more than 1,100 questions were submitted, over 360 were posted, and more than 480 responses were offered; more than 92% of all questions posted received a response.
November 3, 2005: Article in Britain's The Guardian, and a post to The Guardian's NewsBlog. An article in the Times Higher Educational Supplement.
November 7, 2005: Article in The Times (London).
November 11, 2005: Mention in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
November 13, 2005: Mention in The New York Times.
November 15, 2005: Mention in Canada's The Globe and Mail.
November 16, 2005: Article in The Daily Hampshire Gazette. Also, a mention in Shargh, one of Iran's major newspapers (for some information about it, see here).
November 28, 2005: Mention in The Scotsman.
November 30, 2005: This past month, the site received over 22,000 hits and 2,000 visits on average per day. To date, over 650 questions have been posted and more than 860 responses have been offered.
January 17, 2006: Mention in mediabistro's GalleyCat.
January 2006: Rights to a book collection of questions and responses from have been sold in North America, Britain, Brazil, Italy, and Germany. All proceeds will be invested in a specially established fund that will disburse donations to educational charities.
February 2006: An article in the The Philosophers' Magazine Online.
March 2006: More sales of the forthcoming book: Sweden and the Netherlands. To date, over 3,000 questions have been sent to, about 1,000 have been posted, and panelists have provided over 1,300 responses. This month, the site received on average over 1,300 visits per day.
August 2006: post links have been added to the bottom of each question!
October 1, 2006: AskPhilosophers went online one year ago today. More than 1,200 questions posted, close to 4,000 received, over 1,700 responses, on average over 1,600 readers a day, and we're still chugging along. Confirmation, not that any is needed, that philosophy is an endless affair. What better way to mark the day than to start giving money away. You can find the first recipients of the AskPhilosophers Fund at
October 2006: Korean rights for the forthcoming book are sold to Gimm Young, one of the leading publishers in Korea.
November 25, 2006: Yahoo! Pick.
February 2007: Rights for the forthcoming book are sold to Portugal. Anti-spam measures and enhancements to sharing are added to the site.
March 2007: Rights to the book are sold in Spain. The publisher is Temas de Hoy, a branch of Planeta, which is the largest publishing group in Spain. Temas de Hoy will publish in Spanish in Spain and will distribute to Latin America, the U.S., and other Spanish-speaking territories throughout the world.
April 2007: AP book is published in Germany; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
May 2007: AP book is published in Britain; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
Summer 2007: Major overhaul of the site with many improvements, including significant enhancement of the site's Search feature.
August 2007: Hebrew translation rights are sold (Am Oved Publishing). AP book is published in the US and in the Netherlands; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
October 2007: Greek translation rights are sold (Enalios).
December 2007: Article in Jetzt (German).
January 2008: Enhanced e-mailing, expanded sharing, and improvements to browsing.
February 2008: Turkish translation rights are sold.
March 2008: Named one of "The 101 Most Useful Websites" by The Sunday Telegraph (UK).
September 2008: AP book is published in Spain; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
October 1, 2008: Happy Third Birthday, AP! To date: 2,162 questions, 2,837 responses, and some 13,000 hits per day!
February 2009: AP book is published in Brazil; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
February 2010: Spain's AP book enters second edition; see AskPhilosophers Books for details.
May 2010: AskPhil is released, the AskPhilosophers app for mobile devices. It is available in the Apple App Store or in the Android Market; for details on how to get it, see here. You can find some posts about it in the New York Times (and again here), the Boston Globe (and here), AppScout, Open Culture, 3 Quarks Daily and The New Yorker.
December 2010: First video in which AP features.
March 2011: Our second book, What Should I Do?, is published with Oxford University Press.