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How do philosophers address the nature-nurture controversy?

October 15, 2005
3 responses
Mitch Green, Gabriel Segal and Louise Antony

What do philosophers mean by the term 'mental content'? My initial reaction to the phrase was to take it to mean something like 'the meaning of a thought, belief, etc.' ...

October 24, 2005
2 responses
Joseph G. Moore and Peter Lipton

If someone was blind since birth, do they see objects/colors when they dream? What do they see when they dream?

October 20, 2005
1 response
Alexander George

Why are philosophers these days so concerned with fleshing out possible rules for concepts (e.g., Crispin Wright's analysis of intentions)? Do they believe that people actually follow these rules? But ...

October 19, 2005
3 responses
Mitch Green, Peter Lipton and Richard Heck

Are "we" our brains controlling a "shell"? Or are our brains more like independent beings, and we ourselves are the shells?

October 19, 2005
1 response
Richard Heck

When a person says "I would like to get to know you." What exactly do they mean? In my opinion, you can't really get to "know" anyone. Because to "know" ...

October 21, 2005
2 responses
Peter Lipton and Alan Soble

In my world history class, we dedicated some time to learning about the Boxer Rebellion in China, which took place in the 19th century. My teacher had mentioned that the ...

October 17, 2005
1 response
Alexander George

How can one get rid of his/her memories, either bad or good ones? Is there any way to forget a happening in the past?

October 11, 2005
4 responses
Alexander George, Jyl Gentzler, Joseph G. Moore and Alan Soble

Do philosophers and other popular thinkers now mistake automaticity for the unconscious? Do we now say that water upon a river flowing down the path of least resistance is behaving ...

October 19, 2005
1 response
Peter Lipton

In an illegal drug such as LSD, the chemical reaction with your brain causes you to see things, such as motion trails or lighting effects, that cannot be seen by ...

October 18, 2005
1 response
Joseph G. Moore

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