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How should we distinguish between personal memories of our past (what psychologists call episodic memory) and the imagination? Aren't the mental states at the heart of both phenomena fundamentally the ...

July 5, 2012
2 responses
Oliver Leaman and Peter S. Fosl

Do you need an earlier perception to have a memory of something?

July 5, 2012
1 response
Charles Taliaferro

In terms of dreams, do humans have any insight as to what causes them? For example, if someone were to have a reoccurring dream, is there any humanly possible way ...

June 14, 2012
1 response
Allen Stairs

So Oedipus comes along, gets into a fight with a stranger (his father, unknown to him), and kills his father. Depending on the telling, either the killing was intentional, or ...

June 21, 2012
1 response
Nicholas D. Smith

Cartesian dualism relies upon two substances, body and mind, which are totally distinguished by their properties. While the characteristic nature of body is Extendedness, the mind is known with its ...

June 21, 2012
1 response
Miriam Solomon

how do i get out of the depression i am in???

June 7, 2012
3 responses
Oliver Leaman, Nicholas D. Smith and Gabriel Segal

Psychosis is often characterized as 'loss of contact with reality.' Three questions. (1) What is this 'reality' of which they speak? (2) Does anybody (even psychatrists) really know enough about ...

May 31, 2012
2 responses
Stephen Maitzen and Gabriel Segal

I wonder about the notion of a masochist as somebody who enjoys suffering. Is it possible, logically, to enjoy suffering? Doesn't suffering necessarily preclude enjoyment and vice-versa? Would it be ...

May 24, 2012
1 response
Gabriel Segal

In December of 2011, I was invited to speak to the police concerning a former roommate of mine who has been accused of murder (and posted a question concerning that ...

May 10, 2012
1 response
Oliver Leaman

Sigmund Freud told of a Jewish women who dreamt that a stranger handed her a comb. The women desired to marry a Christian man which triggered an emotional argument with ...

September 9, 2011
2 responses
Miriam Solomon and Gabriel Segal

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