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I wonder about the notion of a masochist as somebody who enjoys suffering. Is it possible, logically, to enjoy suffering? Doesn't suffering necessarily preclude enjoyment and vice-versa? Would it be ...

May 24, 2012
1 response
Gabriel Segal

In December of 2011, I was invited to speak to the police concerning a former roommate of mine who has been accused of murder (and posted a question concerning that ...

May 10, 2012
1 response
Oliver Leaman

Sigmund Freud told of a Jewish women who dreamt that a stranger handed her a comb. The women desired to marry a Christian man which triggered an emotional argument with ...

September 9, 2011
2 responses
Miriam Solomon and Gabriel Segal

The idea underlying many concepts of illness is that something has gone wrong with a biological system and some part of that system which has gone awry must be restored ...

December 20, 2011
2 responses
Miriam Solomon and Gabriel Segal

What would a robot have to be able to do, or what would it have to be, for us to consider it a sentient being as opposed to a non-sentient ...

January 3, 2012
3 responses
Andrew Pessin, Richard Heck and Gabriel Segal

If thoughts depend on memories and memories are unreliable then how can we trust any thought? I assume thoughts require memories because thoughts seem to require at least some time ...

January 18, 2012
2 responses
Stephen Maitzen and Gabriel Segal

What is the difference between the idea that we can control our bodies in conformity with our will and magic? Aren't they suspiciously similar ideas?

January 3, 2012
1 response
Charles Taliaferro

Does the Turing test, the attempt to verify the proposition "Machines can think" through an 'imitation game', come down to a confusion over "like" and "identical with"? i.e can I ...

November 17, 2011
1 response
William Rapaport

if two people share a thought triggered by there shared experience of a similar situation/stimuli and/or genetic wiring (i.e. there is a causl relationship between there responses), would this be ...

October 11, 2011
1 response
Amy Kind

If someone is believed to be insane, yet they are happy and are not dangerous to themselves or others, what right does anyone have to force them to be treated ...

September 15, 2011
2 responses
Andrew Pessin and Andrew Pessin

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