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Question posted on January 2, 2014; 2 responses
If it is illegal for a rape victim to kill the rapist after the fact, then why should it be legal for the rape victim to kill a baby that is the product of the rape? It seems to me...
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Question posted on July 18, 2013; 1 response
Are sex selective abortions immoral? In countries where abortion is legal on demand, does it make any sense to try and prevent sex selective abortion if the legal system allows abortion for any reason?...
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Question posted on May 2, 2013; 2 responses
Some people argue that a 15 year old should be required by their parents to have an abortion because they also can't get an ear piercing or attend an R rated movie without their parents permission. Is that a good...
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Question posted on February 21, 2013; 1 response
Is it possible to have a liberal attitude toward sex and be opposed to abortion?...
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Question posted on January 31, 2013; 1 response
"My body, my choice" is well known slogan from those who oppose laws that limit a woman's right to an abortion. Yet, the idea that a woman has a right to do what she wants to her body seems...
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Question posted on January 10, 2013; 2 responses
In discussing abortion, I've been told that the woman has a right to bodily integrity. Therefore she has the right to withdraw consent at any time to the fetus using her body, regardless of the situation of the conception (consensual...
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Question posted on September 26, 2012; 4 responses
Many pro-choice advocates maintain that, though abortions should be permissible, they are regrettable nonetheless. For instance, Bill Clinton famously said that he wanted to keep abortions "safe, legal and rare." I don't understand this view. To my mind, whether abortion...
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Question posted on May 3, 2012; 1 response
Kant's contradiction of the will seems to suggest that it is inconsistent for us to allow abortion; that it is inconsistent to simultaneously will that we live and that allow that our mother could have had an abortion (meaning we...
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Question posted on March 31, 2012; 1 response
I have been conflicted over abortion for a long time, and I've reached a sort of stable state in which I accept that especially in early pregnancy a fetus does not have the same rights that an infant does outside...
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Question posted on February 29, 2012; 2 responses
For me the answer to the question of whether abortion is right or wrong depends on the ontological status of the fetus. Is a fetus the kind of being that has a right to live or is it not? I...
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Question posted on October 27, 2011; 1 response
Many pro-life advocates maintain that certain attendant may make abortion a reasonable choice from the perspective of the pregnant woman. Such circumstances are not limited to life-and-death cases, or even concerns directly related to the health. For instance: if a...
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Question posted on March 30, 2011; 2 responses
Even if we accept Judith Jarvis Thomson's distinction between "killing" and "letting die", how can abortion be anything but horrifically unethical? Suppose I have daughter that I reluctantly take care of. I would never kill her, but I miss the...
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Question posted on March 2, 2011; 1 response
Recently in my Philosophy class during a lecture on abortion the argument came up that in one view stance abortion is not immoral if it is to save the life of the mother. This is was to be considered toward...
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Question posted on November 3, 2010; 1 response
In a recent response by Eddy Nahmias, he ended up talking about "the capacities [which] are the grounds for personhood". That made me think about arguments on abortion. Some pro-life people argue that the important thing is not the capacities...
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Question posted on October 27, 2010; 1 response
Hello, what do you think of this argument? If a woman has an abortion, then maybe a fetus is immorally killed. If this woman doesn't have an abortion, then a fetus is definitely not immorally killed. It...
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Question posted on October 14, 2010; 1 response
From an ethical perspective, what does potential count for? My motivation for this question stems directly from a discussion on abortion I once had. In general, it seems to me to be evident that the fetus is not yet a...
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Question posted on October 4, 2010; 1 response
Is it paradoxical for the US government to render embryonic stem cell research illegal, in a country where abortion is legal?? ...
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Question posted on May 26, 2010; 3 responses
Do Catholic hospitals have a right not to perform abortions?...
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Question posted on April 15, 2010; 2 responses
Does Peter Singer really advocate/defend infanticide under certain circumstances? I recently read that he argues that parents should be able to abort mentally handicapped newborns or even to have a thirty day waiting period with which to decide whether or...
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Question posted on March 11, 2010; 1 response
Do you think that women can sign away their reproductive rights? Let's say man really hates abortion, and refuses to have sex with his partner unless she agrees to never abort any fetus of his. The woman agrees, and the two...
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