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Question posted on March 5, 2015; 1 response
why is the free will debate of interest to philosophers? i need to know why philosophers explore this question in the first place....
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Question posted on January 23, 2015; 1 response
What is the difference between determinism and the principle of sufficient reason? Thanks, Mark...
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Question posted on December 4, 2014; 1 response
There has been much made of Hawking and Harris using brain scans to demonstrate a deterministic explanation of "free will". My question is, how do they treat a case where I think about moving my arm, but don't? How can...
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Question posted on November 13, 2014; 3 responses
If we have no free will, then is the entire legal system redundant since no one can be held accountable for anything since no one has control over their own actions?...
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Question posted on September 30, 2014; 1 response
I've recently been struggling with the idea of Fatalism, Determinism, Compatibilism, Libertarianism, etc., and from what I've been reading, the general consensus is compatibilism among most philosophers. If this is the case, then what sense is there in being proud of...
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Question posted on September 4, 2014; 1 response
Why should I be convinced by a hard determinist's argument against free will if, assuming his position is true, I am simply determined by causes other than myself to believe in free will? And I also wonder if there...
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Question posted on March 6, 2014; 1 response
I've heard there are people in philosophy called "action theorists" who think that action is always the product of one's own beliefs and desires. This view of action seems to call into question our free will. I know that I...
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Question posted on January 31, 2014; 1 response
First, I want to clarify that indeterminism is there exists no fact to the matter about future events. It is different than saying that the future is extremely hard to predict. In other words, some say that a coin flip...
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Question posted on January 30, 2014; 1 response
Why don't determinists believe, at least partially, in the notion of free will? If all events are simply outcomes of antecedent choices and events, wouldn't my decisions now affect me, to some degree, in the future? Thanks for considering this...
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Question posted on November 28, 2013; 1 response
Is there a philosophical similarity between what one can't do because it's morally wrong, what one can't do because it is contrary to one's own aims, and what one can't do because the laws of physics prevent it? Does philosophy...
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Question posted on November 21, 2013; 1 response
Should I be free to sell my freedom? It seems that from a libertarian perspective, I should be even though I should own my self. But a problem I have with this view is that we can, and often do,...
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Question posted on November 14, 2013; 1 response
There are many questions and answers here about free will and its importance for moral responsibility, and about how free will is consistent with the scientific view of the world. I would like you to consider the idea that even...
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Question posted on October 31, 2013; 2 responses
Compatiblism is attractive because it finds room for human freedom in a deterministic world. But objections that compatiblism is evasive or incoherent strike me as persuasive. Setting aside the indeterministic defense of free will, how might the hard determist endorse...
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Question posted on October 10, 2013; 1 response
Is libertarian free will a necessary assumption for any decision theory because “one has to suppose that one has a choice to make”? It seems to me that decision theories needn't rely on the formulation that agent1 can x...
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Question posted on September 25, 2013; 2 responses
It has been said that if there is human freedom, then we are responsible for our actions. By this, it seems natural to suppose that "given that there is no human freedom (let's just suppose for the sake of argument)...
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Question posted on September 12, 2013; 1 response
I'm interested in the issue of whether people would have moral responsibility under determinism. So if a person in a deterministic universe would happen to commit murder, some people would say that they are morally responsible for the action, and...
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Question posted on August 1, 2013; 1 response
Is freedom of speech distinct from freedom of behavior? For example, is burning the Bill of Rights distinct from calling for the revocation of the freedom from unjust imprisonment?...
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Question posted on June 7, 2013; 2 responses
More of an observation than a question, about "compatibilism" in the free will "versus" determinism debate. In the short run, there is a strong correlation between life expectancy tables and the number of people who die in a calendar year. ...
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Question posted on June 7, 2013; 1 response
Why doesn't consciousness defeat the determinism argument? If a person consciously decides to order a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger the next time he goes to a restaurant, what force is controlling him to delude himself?...
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Question posted on May 9, 2013; 1 response
Free Will vs. (and) Determinism I have been having a tireless debate with a friend about freewill and determinism. We have researched and regurgitated some of other people's arguments but it seems that our arguments never confront one another's. My description...
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