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Question posted on April 6, 2015; no responses
to what extent is the definition of mental "health" conditioned by society and social mores? To what extent is the job of a psychotherapist grounded in and/or free from the beliefs of the society in which s/he operates?...
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Question posted on February 9, 2015; 1 response
If we as professional and amateur philosophers are to accept psychology as a science (see question 5362 answered by Charles Taliaferro), then what does that make psychiatry? Even if a person fits all the criteria for having a mental disorder...
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Question posted on January 23, 2015; 1 response
Do most philosophers take the Paul and Patricia Churchland's eliminative materialism seriously? I'm concerned about the current state of philosophy of mind in that it seems that at least some people take seriously the suggestion that e.g. beliefs don't exist...
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Question posted on December 18, 2014; 1 response
Can you choice what to belive in?...
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Question posted on December 4, 2014; 1 response
There has been much made of Hawking and Harris using brain scans to demonstrate a deterministic explanation of "free will". My question is, how do they treat a case where I think about moving my arm, but don't? How can...
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Question posted on November 13, 2014; 1 response
Suppose we are to believe that the soul exists. If the body is extinguished upon death, then is any type of afterlife in which the soul survives impossible? To me, the body is the soul's material basis; the soul is...
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Question posted on October 30, 2014; 1 response
Hello, My name is Kyle, I'm a physics student. I have zero training in philosophy, save for an introductory philosophy course in my freshman year. I've been thinking about something quite frequently, and would like to hear an opinion from...
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Question posted on September 18, 2014; 2 responses
Is it even conceivable to think about absolutely nothing?...
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Question posted on August 7, 2014; 1 response
Is mathematics independent of human consciousness? ...
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Question posted on July 31, 2014; 2 responses
Hi, I'll just share my experiences as below and would just like to ask what principle or theory that could possibly explain the phenomenon? And what term you call it? I'm a computer programmer. Sometimes there are program logic related problems that...
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Question posted on June 12, 2014; 3 responses
I have a question about "solved" games, and the significance of games to artificial intelligence. I take it games provide one way to assess artificial intelligence: if a computer is able to win at a certain game, such as chess,...
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Question posted on May 22, 2014; 1 response
Is judging a person by their intelligence analogous to racism? A person can't help the genetics that determines their intellectual capacity and the belief in the superiority of intelligent people seems to arguably be a basis for social inequalities....
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Question posted on February 23, 2014; 1 response
The universe appears to behave in logical ways. All of the individual physical components of the universe, as far as we can tell, are likely governed by logically consistent laws of physics. According to physicalism, human beings are nothing more...
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Question posted on January 31, 2014; 1 response
How can we be sure that dreaming is a real phenomenon? It seems like there is no scientifically objective way to know that a person is dreaming; the most we can do is ask them. We are relying...
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Question posted on January 31, 2014; 2 responses
Is it wrong to fantasize about sex with children? If a pedophile never acts on their fantasies are they still guilty of having evil thoughts, assuming that their abstinence comes out of a genuine desire not to do harm?...
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Question posted on November 28, 2013; 2 responses
Why do so many scholars and intellectuals think that language is necessary for thought? ...
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Question posted on November 21, 2013; 1 response
is the existing reality of a thought dependent upon our mind or upon on our external world? ...
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Question posted on October 10, 2013; 1 response
Do you think that there are things humans cannot understand because our brains are limited? Philosopher Thomas Nagel was recently quoted as saying that there are surely truths that people cannot understand (and will never be able to understand), as...
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Question posted on September 25, 2013; 1 response
Do philosophers consider psychology to be a science? If not, do they think philosophy should inform personal life values or psychiatric treatment?...
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Question posted on September 19, 2013; 1 response
What, if anything, can it possibly mean to deny the existence of the soul--the one and only thing that we have direct experience of? I can see why someone might deny the existence of a physical universe: we can only...
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