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Question posted on December 18, 2014; no responses
What are some good approaches to talk about suicide? I want it to be close to the idea that humans do at some point of their life think about suicide....
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Question posted on September 22, 2012; 1 response
Should I stop someone from committing a suicide? I do not know his/her life and what he/she might have been through so it is fair for me to assume that he/she is not making the right decision. For example, he/she...
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Question posted on May 26, 2011; 1 response
I read a few responses to questions about suicide, and something struck me as odd about a few of the replies. One consistent factor responders have noted as a weighing against suicide is that the death of a suicide victim...
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Question posted on March 9, 2011; 1 response
Suicide is often said to be irrational or immoral. But what good reasons does a person have to go on living if they are unhappy and have no reason to believe that they will ever be happy? Isn't the opposite...
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Question posted on November 11, 2010; 1 response
Hello, My question is the following: If a mentally and physically healthy person considers his/her life as meaningless and worthless, would that constitute a rational reason for him/her to commit a suicide....
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Question posted on August 2, 2010; 2 responses
Dear philosophers, I have 2 questions: 1. Do you believe that it is morally permissible for an unmarried person (who has no children to care for) and who has battled depression for many years to commit suicide ? 2....
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Question posted on July 22, 2010; 1 response
I have a practical question that arises from my Solipsistic views. The more negatively I view my life as a whole, the more disturbed I am by the prospect of my own suicide. When I feel my life has meaning,...
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Question posted on February 25, 2010; 1 response
On May 28, 2009, Jennifer Church wrote: "A more abstract reason for disallowing suicide concerns the apparent contradiction in the idea that we can improve a life by ending a life. The suicide's thought that she will be better off dead...
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Question posted on May 24, 2009; 1 response
I am intrigued that of all the hundreds of questions asked over the years, only two have been posed about euthanasia or voluntary suicide. Do we have the right to end our lives when we reach a rational decision to do...
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Question posted on June 1, 2008; 1 response
This question is about suicide/death. Is it even possible to hold a preference between the alternatives of life and death, assuming materialism is true? When a person dies, his or her brain shuts down, hence their consciousness ceases (from everything...
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Question posted on May 31, 2008; 1 response
What strikes many people as the most terrible aspect of suicide is the pain inflicted on those left behind. But does this mean that we are literally obligated to stay alive for other people? Even as I appreciate that to...
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Question posted on February 12, 2008; 1 response
Could someone ever be considered significantly responsible for another's suicide? I don't mean to include cases in which, e.g., someone gives a weapon to an unstable person. The person I have in mind causes severe emotional distress to another...
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Question posted on August 17, 2007; 2 responses
Am I morally wrong if I can understand why my son took his own life? Am I wrong to see that his decision was a positive one, given the circumstances? Of course I am distraught, heartbroken and miss...
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Question posted on July 18, 2007; 2 responses
Is it ever rational to commit suicide?...
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Question posted on February 9, 2007; 1 response
Dear Philosophers, Can suicide be seen as pointless if in fact there is no afterlife/conciousness after death? If one ends one's life due to excrutiating pain, would it not be better to "live" with the pain than to not live...
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Question posted on December 22, 2006; 2 responses
Can suicide be a way of political resistance? I am especially interested in the political situation at the West Bank, so when you answer in this context, please.......
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Question posted on June 30, 2006; 1 response
Dear Philosophers, Why do you think suicide is considered "illegal"?...
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Question posted on March 7, 2006; 1 response
Dear philosophers, This is about suicide. If someone's experience of their life is negative and even if we in society do not believe their life is all that bad or that there is hope of it improving, isn't it the individual's...
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Question posted on February 9, 2006; 1 response
Considering the ethical reasons of stopping suicide: Why is it that, by default, our society would tend to reject suicidal behaviors and promote the prevention and stopping of suicide? Why can't a person have the right and freedom to...
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Question posted on December 26, 2005; 1 response
I often find myself in a position where I realize that taking my own life would be very easy. Suppose I am about to cross the street, or am rock climbing; how simple and quick it would be to take...
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