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Question posted on October 23, 2014; no responses
Nietszche once said that, in his belief, there is no real truth. That what people considers as a fact, as a real truth is only what the most of the people in general aproves, but that in the world there...
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Question posted on September 5, 2013; 1 response
who decides what is "true"? What if I believe that it's TRUE that Santa Claus exists? Wouldn't it be "true for me"?...
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Question posted on July 25, 2013; 2 responses
What is the the truth value, if they have one, of propositions whose subject do not exist? "The current king of France is bald" is the famous example. Is that true or false, or neither? I have a hard time...
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Question posted on July 25, 2013; 1 response
Do cameras and microphones always "capture truth?" Suppose a surveillance camera in a store captures undoctored video of a person stealing. Does this video satisfy all of the correspondence, coherence and epistemic theories of truth that the person did indeed...
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Question posted on July 18, 2013; 1 response
Is pragmatic truth inherently less valid than other forms of truth? If a Hindu believes in the truth that Vishnu exists and a Muslim does not, how could they both be right? I don't know how to word this, but...
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Question posted on May 9, 2013; 1 response
They say that relativism can not be affirmed without contradiction because to do so would imply that relativism had truth in an absolute sense. Is this simply an oversimplification or a strawman?...
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Question posted on January 2, 2013; 1 response
Could you please recommend about some books or paper which deals with the question of the meaning of being true? I mean - What does it mean to say about something that it is true?...
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Question posted on January 2, 2013; 2 responses
I have read that the statement "There is no absolute truth" is self-refuting because it relies on absolute truth to be true. I have also read that the idea expressed in the previous statement commits the fallacy of begging the...
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Question posted on July 26, 2012; 1 response
According to Wikipedia, which I grant isn't always a reliable source, William James believed that truth is what is useful. To me that just sounds stupid. Certainly truth is not just whatever is useful. Should I be so dismissive or...
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Question posted on June 21, 2012; 1 response
Is it conceivable that there are truths about science, nature or the universe that we are better off not knowing? What might some such truths be?...
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Question posted on September 29, 2011; 2 responses
Is all truth subjective? A subjective truth is a truth based off of a person's perspective, feelings, or opinions. Everything we know is based off of our input - our senses, our perception. Thus, everything we know is subjective. All truths...
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Question posted on August 4, 2011; 1 response
Are historical facts always true, throughout time? Consider the fact that Barack Obama is the forty-fourth president of the United States of America. Was it true two hundred years ago? If someone in the nineteenth century had said "Barack...
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Question posted on June 25, 2011; 1 response
It is often said that people have the right to hold whatever beliefs they want, even if they fly in the face of fact. To what extent is this true? There is surely no serious problem with a...
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Question posted on May 4, 2011; 2 responses
Does certainty suggest or indicate truth?...
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Question posted on February 9, 2011; 1 response
In the effect to come to knowledge about reality that is the truth about "how things are or came to be," What role if any should religious authorities ( such as one's minister or priest) or religious writings (such...
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Question posted on February 2, 2011; 1 response
Does there exist objective truths about what football (soccer) team is the best? My friends keep telling me that it's possible, on the basis of statistics, to say that Spain objectively is the best national team in the world. I...
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Question posted on January 4, 2011; 1 response
If elegance or simplicity is an indicator of truth in math or science, is this principle inductive? For instance: when a theorist claims simplicity in support of his theory, is he saying in effect "Well, in the past I've found...
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Question posted on December 8, 2010; 1 response
What would be the better choice: truth that will make you bitter or a lie that would make you happy? Let's say truth would be the better choice. Now the follow-up question: what is there to truth that makes it...
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Question posted on November 3, 2010; 1 response
Is it true that knowledge is the same as truth...
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Question posted on September 30, 2010; 1 response
In response to a recent question about philosophy (, Oliver Leaman made the claim that, "there are no facts in philosophy." Briefly reviewing the definition of "fact" I see "something that actually exists; reality; truth." Can it really be that...
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