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Question posted on March 5, 2015; 1 response
Commentators on the Holocaust often refer to the oft cited justification "just following orders" as a paltry excuse. But given that "just following orders" can often mean that a person must choose to follow orders or face legal consequences or...
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Question posted on December 30, 2014; 3 responses
If a State A attacks another State B's military apparatus knowing full well that there will be civilian collateral damage, then why is it that even if State B retaliates by intentionally targeting civilians, it's terrorism?...
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Question posted on September 25, 2014; 1 response
My concerns about the disproportionate civilian casualties in the Israeli-Gaza have fallen on deaf ears among my friends. "There's no moral equivalence between the two sides," they respond. "If Israel has to kill innocent civilians to get at Hamas attackers,...
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Question posted on May 8, 2014; 1 response
In war, is it worse for civilians to be killed than soldiers? For example, suppose that it's possible to attain an objective by killing a certain number of civilians, or by killing a significantly greater number of soldiers. Is the...
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Question posted on December 13, 2012; 1 response
Several days ago the Syrian government began assembling “Chemical” weapons, which it was suspected would be used against that nation’s anti-government force, and presumably any innocent civilian bystanders. The United States Government stated that this action would “…cross a red...
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Question posted on November 25, 2012; 1 response
Is terrorism worse than conventional warfare? My initial response is "yes," but on reflection I'm not sure. A soldier's life is surely worth no less than a civilian's, so why should it be preferable that the former die instead of...
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Question posted on April 19, 2012; 1 response
Is war inevitable? Since war, like murder, has been historically unavoidable, is war something to be accepted, anticipated, and dealt with as a fact of human nature? Or is war is becoming less frequent and less destructive globally, suggesting it...
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Question posted on November 17, 2011; 1 response
I've been reading about the attempts of the US and other western nations to dissuade Iran from its nuclear program. On what grounds might a country that maintains nuclear arms insist that other countries not acquire such arms themselves?...
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Question posted on November 3, 2011; 1 response
Are the American Soldiers at Abu Ghraib responsible for their actions, and should they be considered the 'evil wrongdoers' they were made out to be....
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Question posted on July 29, 2011; 1 response
Hi, In my country - Israel, there is a military draft. I am reluctant to go to the army, since it would be a waste of time for me. Mandatory service in Israel is 3 years. Am I justified to do...
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Question posted on July 15, 2011; 1 response
My maternal grandfather was a teenager in the Second World War, and he stole a pocket knife and a relatively valuable watch from a dead German. This kind of looting, I gather, was widespread at the time, yet the...
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Question posted on June 25, 2011; 1 response
I've noticed that Western media – and perhaps society as a whole – pay far greater attention to civilian deaths (and coalition deaths) than to the deaths of enemy military personnel. The best current example of this is Libya –...
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Question posted on April 27, 2011; 1 response
Hi. I live in Israel. I do not wish to be recruited to the Israeli army for two main reasons. One is the preservation of my liberty (the mandatory service in the IDF is 3 years), the second is the desire to...
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Question posted on August 19, 2010; 1 response
Seeing the devout passion of sports fans I've often wondered if sports today are a substitute for war. People root for their hometown team and despise people from other towns because of their sport teams. This also isn't just...
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Question posted on December 10, 2009; 1 response
Is it possible for a war to be fought in which both sides are justified? Or is every war necessarily problematic in the sense that at least one party must be wrong?...
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Question posted on August 7, 2009; 1 response
In one answer to a question posted on your forum on 30 July 2009 on the issue of human collaterals of wars (, one 'philosopher' panelist remarked that it's not always practical to take the moral grounds when faced with...
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Question posted on August 7, 2009; 1 response
Why is the use of police force justifiable to stop the attempted murder of a neighbor, but military force unjustifiable when used to stop the attempted murders of civilians in other countries who peacefully advocate for human rights (speech, assembly,...
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Question posted on July 30, 2009; 2 responses
The recent conflict in Gaza resulted in what has been described as a high civilian casualty number. (Although, considering that in the Gulf War coalition forces killed over 3000 civilians and 3000 people die ever week in the Iraq War,...
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Question posted on March 24, 2009; 1 response
I hear this argument a lot: If you're old enough to fight for your country, then you're old enough to do X. X might be "drink," or "gamble," or "do crack cocaine," or "rent a car"; basically anything. Whenever people...
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Question posted on February 26, 2009; 1 response
If Hitler in 1941 had the right to send vast numbers of German men to their deaths in Russia and to cause there the deaths of vast numbers of Russians, did he not also have the right to send to...
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