Can anyone recommend a good logic/critical thinking book? I majored in Philosophy in college and have kept sharp by getting into computer programming, however, there is a lot of stuff I forgot from those college days. I remember how quick my reasoning had become and I want to get there again. I was hoping for a textbook/book that comes with a workbook or exercises. Can you recommend some good readings? Recommendations from a beginner to advanced level are welcome. Thanks.

There are many good logic texts. At the introductory level, texts typically fall into one of three categories: (1) formal logic, (2) informal logic and critical reasoning, and (3) comprehensive texts which include both formal and informal logic. Introductory formal logic texts cover propositional logic and quantificational logic. Informal logic texs cover critical thinking skills, fallacies, and the like. Depending on what you wish to brush up on, I suggest Virginia Klenk's Understanding Symbolic Logic for the first category, and Merilee Salmon's Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking for the second. Both texts are well written and include lots of exercises, including answers to selected exercises. Both have extensive explanations of concepts and methods. Logic texts have become very expensive. One way to keep costs down is to buy something other than the current edition. Earlier editions are often not significantly different from the current one.