If a judgmental individual asserts his or her judgments outright and an individual says, “You’re so judgmental,” will it make that person a hypocrite for judging? Is there any way not to be considered judgmental? If tell a drug dealer, what you’re doing is harmful to society; you should stop. Am I being a hypocrite for judging? Or, is there correct way or wrong way of conducting oneself? Does one have the right to judge a rapist, child molester, and cannibal?

Not everyone who judges is judgmental. To be judgmental is to be prone to condemning people without regard to what can be said on their behalf. If you reserve condemnation for cases in which little can be said for the person and much against, then you are not being judgmental. So, if you have made a good faith effort to discern that your friend condemns people without considering their sides, then you are not being judgmental to point that out. If you have made a good faith effort to find out whether the others are really rapists, child molesters, and cannibals, and you find that they are, then there is little to say on their behalf and you are not being judgmental in condemning them.