I am about to finish my third semester of college. (Switching majors now, wouldn't be a big deal.) I am currently majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism. (I want to eventually become a sports columnist.) However, I also plan on writing numerous books (sports related as well as fiction). Would you recommend majoring in Philosophy instead? My journalism courses are too restricting (forcing me to write in a straight-jacket) and I have currently gotten very much into philosophy and it really amplifies my writing.

Seems like you've answered your own question! ... My own view (for what it is worth) is that while it's useful to use your college education to prepare you for a career (esp if you're pretty clear what career you're after), it's also valuable to use it to pursue your interests, intellectual and otherwise -- and the sheer fact that you find philosophy interesting or appealing is reason enough at least to take more philosophy courses. (That it ALSO contributes to your ultimate career goal, writing, is a further bonus.) As far as majoring -- well if your career trajectory requires (say) going to graduate school in journalism and that that would be helped by majoring in communications etc., then you've got a pretty pragmatic reason to stick with your major (while perhaps trying to squeeze in extra philosophy courses). But you yourself seem to be suggesting that your broader interests would be better served by the philosophy major -- so both your intellectual interests and your pragmatic concerns are served by majoring in philosophy. (See what I mean? You answered your own question ... :-) ) ... One other thought -- perhaps you should get in touch with a number of sports columnists and see what THEY think -- in particular I know there have been a couple who also wrote fiction (names escape me, there is/was a NY columnist who wrote novels, I'm sure you can google the info), so they'd be good people to consult with as well ...

Incidentally -- I'm a philosopher (majored in philosophy, then got a PhD), and in addition to writing a number of philosophy books for the general reader I've just published my first novel -- The Second Daughter, under the pen name J. Jeffrey. (Various reasons for the pen name.) I personally can vouch that my training in philosophy was extremely useful in the writing of this novel. (That doesn't mean the novel is any good -- that's for others to decide! But I at least found the philosophy useful ...) If you're interested have a look, via www.theseconddaughter.com.


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